This article is from before the rebranding to SelfGuide. Text and images can include the old product name ProductivityPerformer or its abbreviation PP.

The roadmap is a peek in the future development of SelfGuide, it contains mostly new functionality and bigger changes in existing functionality. Based on the new releases, product vision, customer feedback, product usage and business opportunities, this roadmap will change in time. As soon as we feel confident to share, we update the roadmap to communicate about upcoming changes. For questions about the roadmap, feel free to contact us.

Note, the roadmap is not comprehensive and no rights can be derived from this information.


The features / changes below are ready to be implemented in upcoming releases:

Feature Description Status
Uniform UX components UX components, like a modal, an input box, etc. will get a uniform styling to improve accessibility In Progress
View instructions on mobile devices View instructions on devices with smaller screens like mobile phones and tables. SelfGuide will be made mobile responsive for users to view instructions but also to open and search for instructions. In Progress
Browser side panel extension Find and open Instructions directly from the browser while working in your business applications. This development will result in a new and additional way to access SelfGuide as a user In Progress
Update feedback to own list view The feedback overview for Editors is outdated and will be updated to the generic list view. This update makes the window consistent, adds functionality like custom sort and opens options for further improvements. Planned
Step action accessibility Based on user research, the step action behavior will be updated in the Instruction viewer for an improved accessibility. Planned
Course preface A own window for the Course preface to give users a way to get more knowledge about the Course details before the Course is actually started. Planned
Course progress As a user continue where you stopped a Course earlier in time and get a completion mark when the Course is finished. An insight for manager about the Course usage and progress by users. Planned
Course library list view The Course library will get the same list view for editors as the Instruction library and User Guide library. A better way to keep an overview and get additional details like the last modified information. Planned
Course mobile responsive Open and follow a course on a mobile device, including exercises. Planned
Manage users using REST API Automate user management using the SelfGuide REST API. For example to delete users which are also deleted from Microsoft Entra Id. Planned
Way of work Get attention for the common best practices for editors or the organisation own way of work, directly from the product Planned
Recycle bin Deleted instructions, user guides and courses are kept in a recycle bin before the actual delete occurs Postponed


The features / changes below have been implemented in past releases:

New functionality is rolled out in phases, so we are able to finish the functionality and process early feedback from customers. The period a feature stays in preview state depends on the feature and related or depended features. To get information about and / or access to preview features, contact

Feature Description Status
Manage content channels using REST API Automate user content channel assignement using the SelfGuide REST API. For example to synchronize Microsoft Entra ID group membership to SelfGuide content channel assignements Preview
Integrate SelfGuide search in third party applications Integrate the search functionality in other applications to increase visibility and accessibility of available SelfGuide instruction. Integration will be possible using the SelfGuide REST API Preview
Improved interface styling A refreshed and modern looking interface to improve accessibility. A flyout menu for the navigation bar, better styling of active elements, a less distracting avatar but with more contrast, etc. Global available
New search engine with scored results The search engine will be replaced improving the search results Global available
Extend Instruction search More data will be added to the search index so available data can be used to search for Instructions. Global available
Add & remove step Actually remove a step from an instruction and add additional steps without the need to record the entire instruction Global available
Censor the same area(s) on several steps Make it easier, faster and more consistent to censor the same area on several steps Global available
Customer branding Add visual organization elements to the styling of SelfGuide to make it more your own and also improve trust Global available
Edit instruction from the viewer After opening an instruction it's easier if the edit behavior is directly available wihtout the need to return to the library Global available

Rough ideas

The list below contains ideas under investigation to get a good understanding of the need, added value and investment. Based on the outcome, these ideas might be put on the backlog, be postponed or cancelled.

  • New content only available for editors till explicit published
  • Improve onboarding for new editors
  • Make it easier to create content about mobile devices and non windows devices
  • Integrate SelfGuide with LMS using LTI
  • Reuse content in the same or another tenant
  • Forget password and the option to reset password
  • Improved user management
  • Add images as content in a Course
  • Search & filter for User Guides and Courses


We love to hear your feedback to get a good or better understanding about customer needs. Use the feedback form to leave your feedback with the product team. We can't promise anything but all received feedback is taken into account and for sure used to prioritize our roadmap and backlog.