07 February - Remove step

This article is from before the rebranding to SelfGuide. Text and images can include the old product name ProductivityPerformer or its abbreviation PP.

Are you sure a step is not needed in an Instruction? Use the new remove step functionality to permanently remove such a step from the Instruction. Read more about this new functionality and other changes below.

Remove step

The steps in the Instruction determine whether an instruction is helpful or not for a user. As the created recording is always a correct path from start to finish, it might contain really unnecessary steps which do distract when working with the Instruction as an editor. For example a duplicate step because a click was outside the required region or several steps because a wrong path was chosen while creating the recording.

Are you sure a step is not needed in an Instruction? With the this new feature you are able to permanently remove such a step from the Instruction. Have you not had a review yet by a user or colleague? Use the Hide step functionality instead of the Remove step functionality, this makes it easier to added the step again after the review.

Add step (preview)

Besides the Remove step feature also the Add step feature is on the roadmap. Add a step before or after an existing step, using the Recorder, without the need to record the entire instruction again.

This feature is available as preview feature. Are you curious or can't you wait to start using this new feature, contact gert.kienhuis@selfguide.com.

Focus on open feedback

The order of items in de feedback overview is changed to get more focus on the open feedback without being disturbed through the closed feedback. Open feedback is now shown above closed feedback. Within the open and closed state, feedback is sorted on submit date.

Accessibility updates

Several changes have been made to the interface to improve the look & feel as also the accessibility:

  • The context menu on the Instruction tile, User Guide tile and Course tile is replaced
  • Titles have been added to context menu items
  • Styling of the selected element in the Instruction update window is updated
  • Styling of the selected element and lanes in the settings window is updated
  • Color contrast is improved throughout the entire product
  • The Home window has a new layout