20 September - List view for User Guides

This article is from before the rebranding to SelfGuide. Text and images can include the old product name ProductivityPerformer or its abbreviation PP.

Need to get an overview or additional information about User Guides? Visualize the User Guides in a list view with optional columns and configure the view according to your own preferences. Read more about this new functionality and other changes below.

List view for User Guides

The tile view (for instructions, courses and user guides) was primarily designed for users and is characterized by a visual and rich display of information. Earlier this year, we have added a list view for editors go get a better overview about instructions and additional insights based on metadata. In this release, the same list view will become available for User Guides.

New Search & Filter implementation (preview)

A new search & filter implementation has been developed during the last months, bringing a way more sophisticated search & filter to SelfGuide. For a demonstration and more information about this feature, see the what's new webinar.

In this release, the change below have been made:

  • Vendor name shown for imported instructions
  • Fetching data and rendering the instruction library as also the search & filter pane has been refactored and improved

This feature is in preview, meaning the feature can be used but is still under development. Although there might be some open ends, the feature is already very usable and offers added value. Are you curious or can't you wait to start using this new feature, contact gert.kienhuis@selfguide.com.

Save button only enabled when needed

The Save button in the Instruction editor was not aware of all edge cases and sometimes enabled while there was actually no change. The behavior of the Save button has been improved to make the Instruction editor more intuitive.


  • In certain situations when using lists in the rich text editor, unneeded new lines where added or content was removed when navigating between windows

UX improvements

Like previous releases, UX improvements have been made. This release mainly towards color usage, for example in the way a user avatar is shown in the navigation pane and the feedback window.