23 October - New search & filter implementation

This article is from before the rebranding to SelfGuide. Text and images can include the old product name ProductivityPerformer or its abbreviation PP.

Editors need to be able to create content...users need to be able to find the content. The new search & filter implementation, we have been working on the last months, is released for all customers. Read more about this and other changes below.

New Search & Filter implementation (general available)

A new search & filter implementation has been developed, bringing a way more sophisticated search & filter to SelfGuide. The new implementation has several advantages like: scoring results based on all specified criteria; the most relevant results are on top; and search based on more data like title, description, tags, applications, owners and content channels.

For a demonstration and explanation about the new implementation, see the Instruction in SelfGuide.

With this release, the new implementation is made available for all users of SelfGuide.

Just one name: SelfGuide

We like to keep things simple - that's why we are changing our company name from PolderValley B.V. to SelfGuide B.V. One name for the company and the product!

We are making this change to ensure that there will be no more confusion about the name PolderValley and how it relates to SelfGuide. Additionally this will streamline our communication for both your convenience and ours and it will be easier for you to find us online.

This change has less effect on the product, only the assembly metadata of the SelfGuide Recorder has been updated.

Register guest e-mail address when feedback is submitted

Feedback on Instructions is valuable for editors to keep Instructions up to date and align the content to the user need. To enable editors to ask questions about received feedback, all feedback is registered on the user submitting the feedback. Users accessing SelfGuide as a guest are a special case in this scenario as no name or contact information is available about the actual person. That's why an optional input field has been added to the feedback modal so guest users are able to supply there e-mail address together with the feedback. This additional information is automatically added to the feedback message and shown in the feedback overview for an editor.

Improved styling of steps in the Instruction editor

Important for the user experience (UX) is the visibility of the active item, for example the instruction being worked on or the open chapter in a User Guide. To improve the UX, we have updated the styling of the steps in the Instruction editor. See the image below for an impression. In the coming release, other windows will get this new styling too.

Other changes

  • Application icon for NCCW BQM has been added
  • Text was not aligned correctly on the Oops modal
  • Whitespace in the username was not trimmed when creating a user
  • Unnecessary API calls, related to annotation changes, where send when an Instruction was saved
  • The change password modal has been updated so adhere standardized UX components