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This article is from before the rebranding to SelfGuide. Text and images can include the old product name ProductivityPerformer or its abbreviation PP.

Increasing user sustainability towards application usage is one of the main goals when using SelfGuide, with an implicit relation to increasing efficiency and effectivity. Building a good library with content is a must have to reach this goal. For several applications, instructions are identical between organizations and there is no need to recreate those instruction over and over. The marketplace contains a set of content packs, created by partners and shared with customers. Use the content packs to add content to the tenant and help users to get answers for common questions.

What is a content pack?

Content packs are used to add content to a SelfGuide tenant without the need to recreate Instructions and User guides for commonly used applications. The creator of the content packs, always an organization with huge knowledge about the application, records the Instructions, creates the User guides and shares the content pack. Examples for how content packs are used:

  • An organization delivering training services for commonly used applications, like Microsoft Office 365, creates a content pack as reference material for their customers
  • A software vendor creates a content pack about their own software for their customers
  • Key users within a community share content packs to increase adoption and standardize application usage

Important note, the contents of the content pack is determined by the creator, not by SelfGuide. A content pack currently supports Instructions and User guides, no trainings. When the creator extends or improves the content, a new version will be published on the marketplace.

Download content pack

Available content packs can be downloaded from the marketplace.

Importing a content pack

Importing a content pack is done by an admin within the Settings window. The second lane has an import button in the action bar, this opens a modal giving the option to select or drag & drop a downloaded content pack file. If the content pack is new in the tenant, the content pack is added. When the content pack already exists, and the selected file is newer, the content pack is updated.

Usage of imported content

Imported content is available for users in the libraries, just like the own created content. An imported Instruction or User guide can be recognized by the content pack annotation on top of the tile. For a user, the imported content does not differ from the own created. An Instruction is shown in the Instruction viewer, has annotations, step actions, etc. and a User guide can be read and used to open several Instructions. There is one small note, the feedback option is not available for imported content.  

Editors, on the other hand, will notice a difference between the imported content and own content. Imported content is read-only and can not be adjusted, not the contents like steps, annotations, etc. and also not the properties like the title, description and applications. Reuse of the imported content is possible, for example by adding an imported Instruction to an own User guide.

In case an imported Instruction does not match the actual situation, the advice is to recreate the Instruction in the own tenant. The imported Instruction can be hidden for the user within the content pack, to overcome the situation of duplicate Instructions which might lead to confusion for the user.

Create a content pack

Content pack creation is not enabled by default. Do you own valuable content and feel the desire to share, please get in touch.