Create an Instruction

This article is from before the rebranding to SelfGuide. Text and images can include the old product name ProductivityPerformer or its abbreviation PP.

Instructions are created by performing the activities as an end-user does, while a recording is automatically gathering all needed data. After creating the recording, the editor can enrich the steps to make it suitable for the end-user. Follow the steps below to create an Instruction.

1. Create Instruction

Creating a new Instruction starts in the Instruction library by pressing the New Instruction button, visible for editors. Pressing the button opens a modal giving the ability to specify the title of the new Instruction, optional a description can be given as tags and applications can be added. Pressing the Create button will actually create and open the new Instruction.

2. Record steps

SelfGuide embraces visual instructions and minimizes the time needed to create the visualizations. Steps within an Instruction are created using the Recorder, an application which needs to be installed on the system. Using the recorder, an editor can start a recorder session capturing the required information for the Instruction.  

Follow the steps below to create a recording:

  1. Install the recorder (if not done yet)
  2. Open the Instruction within the Recorder
  3. Choose Create recording (this option is also available in the Instruction context menu)
  4. Perform all activities like normal
  5. Finish the recording by pressing Save & Upload in the system tray

3. Enrich steps

All steps are annotated with information about the needed action and where this action needs to be performed. Editors can enrich the steps further in several ways:

  • Title: each step has a title to make the goal of the step obvious
  • Annotations: one or more annotations can be added for instructions, explanation, etc.
  • Hide step: unnecessary steps can be hidden for the user
  • Hide step action: the step action annotation can be hidden on the step
  • Censoring: sensitive information on a step can be censored

After all changes, the Instruction needs to be saved to make the changes visible for the user

4. Improve properties

On creation, the Instruction title, description, tags and applications are specified. As last step review these properties to make sure the Instruction can be found by users.