Recorder installation

This article is from before the rebranding to SelfGuide. Text and images can include the old product name ProductivityPerformer or its abbreviation PP.

Adding steps to a new Instruction or updating the steps in an existing Instruction requires the SelfGuide Recorder. This recorder is installed locally on the system of the editor. When using the recorder, keyboard and mouse input is captured and used to create the steps automatically. Read below how to install the recorder as user. When installing the recorder as system engineer on a shared platform, see the unattended installation knowledge item for more information.

  1. Download the latest version from the website
  2. Start the installer
  3. The recorder can be installed for the current user or all users. All user installation requires elevated permissions, if chosen, User Account Control will prompt for elevation. Make a choice and press Next to continue
  1. If required, the installation path can be adjusted. Press Install to continue
  1. After installation the installation is finished a confirmation is shown. Press Finished to close the installer.

After installation, the SelfGuide Recorder can be started from the Windows Desktop or from the Windows Start Menu as shown below: