Application annotation usage on an Instruction

This article is from before the rebranding to SelfGuide. Text and images can include the old product name ProductivityPerformer or its abbreviation PP.

Instructions can be annotated with tags and applications to increase the search results and to get an overview over all Instructions for a specific application. In this article the usage of the application annotation functionality is explained.

Two types of applications

Two types of applications can be used:

  • Generic applications (product)

The generic applications are the common used applications, added in the product and the same for all tenants. These applications do have an application icon and a fixed name.

Over time, new applications are added when a new release is deployed and if so, the release notes will give more information.

  • Self added applications (tenant)

These are the applications added to a tenant by an editor, available in the suggestions from the first time the application is added to an Instruction. The added applications share a generic icon and only available in the specific tenant.

Add own applications

The list of generic applications will never be complete, we focus on adding common used software used over the entire global or in a specific branch. When an application is not available, it can be added. In the Instruction properties modal, start typing the name of the application. When the application does not exist, the suggestion pane shows the name with the hint New application. When the name is correct, hit Enter or press the plus sign to add the application to the Instruction.

From the moment an application is used the first time on an Instruction, the application is known and will be shown as a suggestion. See the screenshot below as an example where the application added above is shown as a suggestion, the hint New application is not shown anymore.

The application icon for self added applications is shared, adding an own icon is currently not supported. If there is a desire to add a self added application to the list of generic applications including an icon, use the feedback form.

Organization specific software

The list of generic applications only contains names of software which can be used by everyone, free or paid. Custom developed software (inhouse or external) for a specific organization will not be added to the list.