Create an Instruction for an iPad

This article is from before the rebranding to SelfGuide. Text and images can include the old product name ProductivityPerformer or its abbreviation PP.

The IT landscape is developing fast and for a lot of applications, it's quite common that the user has a choice from which device the application is used. Based on the moment and the need, sometimes the user will choose for a computer, other times for a tablet or even a phone. Due too this kind of usage, there is a need for Instructions showing application usage on an iPad.

The contents of an Instruction is created using the SelfGuide Recorder. The recorder is only available on Windows but there is an option to create an Instruction for another type of device using the recorder on Windows. Follow the steps below to learn how to create an Instruction for an iPad.


  1. Create screenshots on an iPad
  2. Transfer screenshots to the computer
  3. Prepare the recording
  4. Create the recording
  5. Finish the Instruction

1. Create screenshots on the iPad

For each step in the Instruction, a screenshot is required which must be made on the iPad. Perform the actions on the iPad one by one and before going to the next action, create a screenshot. For example, fill in a form and create a screenshot before pressing the Send button.

To create a screenshot on the iPad, several methods are available. The two most common methods:

  • iPad with a home button: press the upper button and home button simultaneous and release both.
  • Other models: press the upper button and volume button simultaneous and release both

See the iPad user manual for more information

2. Transfer screenshots to the computer

All taken screenshots need to be transferred to the computer where the SelfGuide Recorder is installed. Several options are available to transform the screenshots, for example:

  • Use an USB-cable (see Apple Support for more information)
  • Use a cloud service like Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox or WeTransfer

3. Prepare recording

To create the recording based on the screenshots, the Slideshow functionality in Windows will be used. Follow the steps below to prepare the recording:

  1. Create a new folder
  2. Copy all screenshots to the folder
  3. Make sure the screenshots are in the right order, this can for example be accomplished by putting a number in the name of the file
  4. Select all files (Ctrl+A)
  5. Click on Picture Tools and within the tools, choose Slideshow
  1. Within the slideshow, press the right mouse button to open the context menu and choose Pause
  2. In the context menu, make sure Shuffle and Loop are disabled

The slideshow is prepared, on each click the next slide will be opened

4. Create the recording

With the slideshow ready, the recording can be made:

  1. Open the SelfGuide Recorder
  2. Navigate to the Instruction for which the recording is made
  3. Make sure the slideshow is shown when the recorder window is minimized
  4. Start the recording session
  5. Click through the slide show. Try to click on the image exactly on the spot where normally the interaction is performed on the iPad. This will show the crosshairs on the right spot in the Instruction
  6. Finish the recording session

5. Finish the Instruction

Now the recording is made, the Instruction contains steps and can be finished. Verify for each step if the crosshair is on the right spot, add censor areas for sensitive information, add annotation for additional information and add titles to the steps.