Rich text functionality

This article is from before the rebranding to SelfGuide. Text and images can include the old product name ProductivityPerformer or its abbreviation PP.

Rich text adds the ability to SelfGuide to format plain text so the readability and structure of the text is improved for the readers. The rich text functionality is build and improved in several releases. In this article, a summary is given about the current supported rich text functionality.

Rich text editor

The rich text editor is shown as soon as an input field gains focus, for example in the User Guide preface description like shown below:

After giving focus to an input field, an action bar is shown below the text. Using the buttons on the action bar, the following formatting options are available:

  • Formatting text using bold, italic and underline
  • Adding lists, numbered or bulleted
  • Set, update or unset a link
  • Undo and redo

Besides the formatting options above, normal operations can be used like:

  • Select, copy, paste and cut text
  • Use keyboard shortcuts, for example Ctrl+B to toggle the bold option, Ctrl+A to select all text and Shift+End to select the text tillthe end of the link
  • Autoformat URL when typing to create links

Links behaviour

Links can be used to direct users to related information, the behaviour of the link depends on the scenario.

The first scenario is using a link to open related content within SelfGuide, for example an Instruction, a User Guide or a Course. In this scenario, the user stays in the same browser (tab). The link is seen as a alternate way of navigating with SelfGuide and the user can use the back navigation in the browser to return.

A link to an URL outside SelfGuide is handled different, the link is opened in a new tab or browser window. The user stays within SelfGuide so the current content is still available besides the related information below the link.

As editor, there is no difference between both scenarios when adding or updating links. The rich text editor will examine the link and add the correct behaviour depending on the link.

Fields supporting rich text

Rich text is supported in the input fields listed below:

  • User Guide preface description
  • User Guide chapter introduction
  • Course preface description
  • Course module introduction
  • Instruction step annotation